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umm..Chrono Cross Help

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Im having a problem running chrono cross on epsxe at the scene where you help Kidd ( where you transport to the past to Lucca's).

when I reached there, the screen is blocked out with the exception of a horizontal strip about 2 inches, so I can't see anything in the top 9/10 of my screen basically. When I engage in a battle, I can get a glimpse of whats on the screen for the duration of the battle initiation.

I dunno is that confusing or not but I'm basically stuck at this spot and I don't really have a clue as to whats the problem.

Help would be Cool.
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Hmmm..........Full Vram Primitive???
That made emulator slow down big time................
If too slow............why don't you give it a chance for software render plugin
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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