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This is tragic and drivin me nuts.
House sitting in the country with no TV and only my phone to draw net from. So i dl'd NoGBA and pokemon emerald. Got to gym 5 and just got surf.

Then I called it a night.

So tonight I try to boot it up again; NoGBA wont seem to start. It got a error when I tried; so I just dl'd again and no problem with the new copy.

HOWEVER, it no treats my save file like it doesnt exist.

I tried putting it in the battery folder like some sites suggested; but no go there.

I have no idea what to do; and I cant be starting from the beginning. If I gotta do that Im just deletin it.

I tried googling for like a hour for a solution; but basically everywhere I go no one has the slightest helpful thing to suggest.

Found a actual helpful answer to another problem here; so figured posting about this here was my best bet.

Thank you for any input.

For the record all settings of NoGBA are default; I never changed a thing when I first installed OR when things went bad.
I simply dont know how to get it to load the save; as unlike every other emu Ive dealt with there is no freakin load save option.
Ive tried downloading other gba emus but none work; and doesnt seem like the save could be used anywhere but nogba anyway.
Please halpppp
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