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boogabug said:
Hello, I run Ubuntu (Linux) on my PC. I downloaded and installed VBA from the Repostory. The VBA i have is version 1.7.2-1. There is no graphichal interface to this. I must run it from Terminal/Console mode.

What do you guys recommend as a graphical front-end for this linux version of VBA?
I was just going to ask the same question, but I think we're out of look on getting a gui. So I thought to myself... Why not make one myself!! I'm pretty proficient in Tcl/Tk, and with Tcl/Tk it wouldn't take too long to make one.

I just started to play with VBA on linux today (Ubuntu 5.10), so it'll take me a while to get proficient with it. Has anyone else done something like this?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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