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After few months of working on the UAC code especially on correcting string names and their functions,I finally have some exciting news for you all.Following options are finished and are working 100% correct:
-Adjusting windows position by writing your own X and Y coordinates or you can just choose one of the offered
-Adjusting background color and background image or putting your own background color or background image
-Enabling or disabling mouse hover sounds for all buttons
-Enabling or disabling mouse click sounds for all buttons
-Enabling or disabling button effects
-"EMERGENCY POWER ONLY" option is working fully correct (NOTE: This option is VERY useful for old and weak computers)
-Option for choosing which language to use CROATIAN or ENGLISH
-Option for enabling or disabling UAC SPEECH such as for INFORMATION,WARNING or ERROR messages (This is very useful for those who are lazy to read the text in the messages,so UAC will simply say it to you:D)
-All UAC shutdown options are done and functioning properly
-you can open infinite number of new windows for surfing over the internet,and each one can be placed into the system tray icon--->this is executing them in the background and the one you are using is working much faster

There are many other new things included into the UAC such as simple calculator,notepad and UAC media player which can play audio and video files.Also you will be able to save approximately 22 links for your favorite websites such as "" or "" and so on...

There are few more small,but pretty useful options included in the UAC.You will also be able to turn ON or OFF the options for WELCOME SPEECH and WELCOME MUSIC.

The UAC main window which you could see on the video on youtube site is now enhanced a lot and the options are not on it anymore.ALL UAC options are now on the single window and ALL options are sorted into the TAB CATEGORIES what will make them even easier to find and use.

And so on...I don't want to go into the details lol.

Anyway,the beta UAC code has been fully tested under the following operating systems and showed 100% success:
-Windows 98 First Edition:wub:
-Windows 98 Second Edition:wub:
-Windows Millennium Edition
-Windows 2000 Professional Edition
-Windows XP Professional Edition
-Windows XP Home Edition
-Windows XP Media Center Edition
-Windows Vista Ultimate (and other Vista versions)
-Windows 7

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Where's version 2.0 of yours, Ruantec? :p
Here´s version 2.0 ;)

am actually re-writing @ES and so far i´ve added a nice GUI, motion blur animation aswell as some nice effects and animated buttons.. and last but not least even rotable GUI :D

to show you what i mean check out the pics :thumb:

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Finally! :D

Seriously though, nobody cares about this, and the more you talk about it, the more you're just going to get made fun of. There's nothing wrong with making little personal projects such as this when learning programming languages, but sometimes it's better to keep them as just that, personal.
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