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U64 killer instinct Play!

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If anyone here has played KILLER INSINCT 1 with the U64emulator, then you know iTS WORTH IT!! Now, heres the challenge, the game has NO SOUND and the KeyPad won't work. I have all the files required to play it. I have u10-u36 plus the KI Image file and the source code u98-l15d(BOOTLEGGED!!) Now that could be the problem in it-self, but I just couldn't find a good u98 SOURCE CODE file anywhere except for a website that had it, but they omitted to it being BOOTLEGGED!!. Can someone plzzzzzzzzz give me any help on this????
Once again the U64 emulator WILL play the game but theres NO SOUND and the KeyPad won't respond in order to be involved in playing it!!!!

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You might want to know that KI is fully playable in MAME with sound and keypad support. It's a little choppy on my 1.7GHZ comp, but other than that it works perfectly. As for the source code files you mentioned, what you mean is ROM files right? Otherwise what you said doesn't make much sense.
Yep. KI1 and 2 runs much better on Mame if you have atleast a 2 ghertz system.
It runs smooth in U64emu with a p3 and in my xp2000. There gotta be something with your files since it works perfectly in both emus.
Kazuya Mishima said:
It runs smooth in U64emu with a p3 and in my xp2000. There gotta be something with your files since it works perfectly in both emus.
Hey, thanks guys! Whats cool is I just got a new Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz computer! I'll try it on there once I download all the files again that I need and I'll keep you guys posted on the results. I really appreciate the info.
U64 KI isnt the same as Mame KI but now we're heading to a Roms discussion which is against the rules I think.
Well noone's providing links for the ROMs. We don't know if he owns the board or not.
I mean how can people in the Gamecube, Game Boy Advance, and Dreamcast emulation have discussions when it's most likely they obtained at least the BIOS if not the game files as well off the net...
It's not like it's easy to dump Game Cube or Dreamcast ROMs, and its unlikely that people discussing Nintendo 64 or Game Boy Advance games are dumping them either...
This place is strange in what's considered appropriate/innapropriate...
Not Really, They are staying clear of anything ILLEGAL if you know the meaning of the word. Saying you ahve a rom is completely different from prviding links to an illegal download of it, and same with bios. Saying you HAVE it doesn't clarify wether you downloaded, dumped it, or just got it somewhere else, therefor steering clear of any legal issues anyone may have with the site. There are plenty of other sites that provide what you want, why not just go to them?
But nobody was asking for ROMs or providing a link to them. They were just discussing using a ROM in an emulator, unless I'm missing something here, anyone discussing games in the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, sites are discussing using dumped data...What's the difference? As long as noone's providing information on where to download ROMs, what is the problem? And if it's 'bad' to get tech help in running an obsolete arcade game, why is it ok to get tech help on running game boy advance ROMs in a Game Boy Advance forum? The last time I looked the Game Boy Advance is currently selling...and anyone discussing games in any of the emulation forums *other than Playstation* is not using the original media?
So what was mentioned here that breaks the rules?
nothing really, Nevermore Isn't a Admin or whatever, and FiveFooted8 is, so i'de assume as long as you don't discuss what we stated above you don't really have a problem. I was just clarifying. Hence why we have emulation screenshots threads, obviously you have to have the rom to take the shots, its just a matter of how you got them, which if undisclosed, you should be fine, but i'de consult an admin before listening to me, i never really discussed roms in the first place so i don't really know.
Yeah I aint Admin nor mod,I just felt like doing the right thing by mentioning that but everyone can be wrong sometimes.
Screenshots? Hah! How about people asking

plugin issues- trying to play zelda 2

Problems with the world is not enough

BoF 2 GBA messup

Now all of these deal with ROMs and I don't see anyone making a fuss over it or asking the person who started the topic if they dumped the BIOS *for the Gameboy Advance* or the Carts themselves,,,

This is the 'hypocracy' I speak of. Someone starts a topic here based on a game that is using a ROM and people come in and say it may be 'breaking the rules' but there are forums for discussing emulation of Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance games and there's no discussion about how those who use those forums get their ROMs and BIOSES.

I'd bet the majority of people on those sites have at least downloaded the BIOSES if not the games they mention, yet people presume they aren't and say how the site must remain 'above the board' and yet people who discuss emulation here are called for 'breaking the rules'?

If you don't want people to discuss emulation, kindly remove all of the emulation boards such as GBA Emulation, Dreamcast emulation, Xbox Emulation, and N64 Emulation. Playstation emulation at leasts supports using the original media, although I'll bet most users download the Playstation BIOS, which is illegal...

Please be consistent on how you wish to deal with emulation. Nintendo could argue that discussing Game Boy Advance emulation hurts sales of Game Boy Advance cartridges and their bottom line, but I don't think you could seriously say playing Killer Instinct on your PC cost a sale of a video game or hurt a company financially...
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Damn!! I tell you, that its just impossible to get past this BREAKING THE RULES stuff! I didn't know that it was going to be such an explosion in discussing why a particular game doesn't play as fast on one processor OR program vs another. I didn't mean to cause any commosion. MY BAD!!
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