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Two routers, one lan

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I have this Linksys BEFSR41 router sitting around doing nothing, and I currently HATE my dlink DI-624. I need the Dlink to do wireless-g for my other computer in the house, but this bloody thing is a piece of **** to put it nicely. It resets for no reason, resets when im doing things, and is overall a pain in the ass to configure correctly for ports etc.

So I am looking to hook up the linksys as the main gateway to the internet, and turn the dlink into basically a AP on the lan servicing my wireless machine. Although, I really dont have any idea on what I should do towards setting up the dlink router as the second router on the lan.

Any thoughts?
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/me hugs my Linksys WRT54G :)

There's probably an option in the wireless router to make it act as a wireless bridge. Enable that, and then just configure your Linksys as you would if there were only wired devices.

[]s Badaro
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