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Two hardware questions.

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Ok, first, I'm thinking of getting a new video card, the choices I'm thinking of are:
Voodoo 5(I'd like a 6000 but quantum3d only made a very small number of those and auctioned them off on ebay, so a 5500 would be it) I can find it for $100(if I can find it) and I like that it is pretty powerful, still has the best fsaa(outside of the higherend really expensive vsa-100 cards like the 6000), I know it is very stable(since its drivers work with the voodoo3 and I am currently using the final release drivers for the voodoo5), and most importantly, it supports glide, something that is very important to me, plus if I got an AGP version I could free up a PCI slot, and sell my friend my voodoo3 since he wants a video card better than his integrated crap card and also wants glide support. Of course, he isn't willing to pay very much since he could get a voodoo3 new for $60

Radeon 32 MB DDR with some kind of tv support thingy- I can find it for $90, it is pretty powerful and gives pretty good graphics, and I would like tv input support, however I don't really care about output.(I think this version only has output) I'd say this is less than a voodoo 5 overall, but at least it is much easier to find.

Naomi/Dreamcast/Katana/Kyro 2/Hercules 4000- Whatever you want to call this, I'm thinking of getting it for the bargain price of $65, however it isn't too much of an imporvement over my voodoo3, especially because it lacks glide and a z-buffer.

Hikaru/Kyro 2/Hercules 4500- Same as the one above, but more powerful and twice the memory....and an unattractive price of $165.(unless anyone has seen it cheaper)

Ok, opinions on this?

Next, at the psxemu shop right here, well I'm interested in the psx+n64 usb converter, since I'd like to use both on my computer, however I'd like to know if it works fully with the n64 controller, supports rumble pack, works fully with a dual shock(including rumble and analog), works with psx steering wheels, and works with the 4 player adapter.(for emulated games that support it maybe? either that or sonic r) If not, what would you recommend?
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well, ok if you insist :)

as far as i know, most adapters are based on the same design. In the case of USB, it's the one by Simon Nield:

so you can estimate your answers from reading that.

i dont think it has 4 player adapter support. You don't need it anyway. I think you can connect as many of those usb adapters to your computer as you want and have usb ports for. no one i know have tried it tho.
and unfortunately, no PSX emu has added support for more than 2 controllers yet. (some arcade emulators support 4 players, i think)
well, if you don't use the multitap for your Playstation anymore, you could "gut it" and replace the circuitry with the DirectPad Pro interface. That way you can have up to 4 DualShock (yep, with all analog and shock functions) connected to the parallel port.
(yep, that's from Simon's site too)

Let me emphasize this: once you do that, you won't be able to use it for the Playstation again.

ALSO, official DirectPad Pro drivers don't work for Win2K. There are unofficial Win2K drivers, but I don't know about 4 pad support with those...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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