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Twisted Metal Graphics problem

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hello, I'm having a problem with Twisted Metal

seems some of the graphics aren't appearing with Pete's open gl renderer

like..the menu, some text, etc, anyone know how to bypass this?

btw, my current gfx card is a GeForce Mx 440 (yeah, not the greatest)

I tried that opengl 2 renderer with the NICE preset but it just went at an average of 30fps, just wanted to know if someone found a way around with w/out having to use the pe ops plug in
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it didn't work, still get missing text

ty anyway
well..I used the NICE preset, and I turned on the special game fixes: Direct Framebuffer Updates, Fake Sub. Blending/FSAA, Special Upload Detection

those actually kinda help it a bit compared to not having them on

btw, if you don't know what the NICE preset does


Texture Quality: 8 8 8 8
no filtering
no hi res textures
auto FPS limit
Off-screen drawing: enhanced(3)
Framebuffer Textures: GFX card buffer(2)
Framebuffer access: Emulated V ram (0)

Alpha Multipass, Mask Bit, and Advanced Blending are on

the pallette is set to 32 bit and I set the res. to 640x400
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yes, it's the first one

btw, the other Twisted Metals have this same issue huh?
didn't work either, but ty anyway

[edit]EUREKA! I figured it out. You have to use the NICE preset and set the off screen drawing to 4
nope, running out of an image

anway, I actually did try p.e.op.s soft plug in but I didn't like it, the graphics looked a little blurry
nm, pt is it's working better now
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