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Twisted Metal Graphics problem

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hello, I'm having a problem with Twisted Metal

seems some of the graphics aren't appearing with Pete's open gl renderer

like..the menu, some text, etc, anyone know how to bypass this?

btw, my current gfx card is a GeForce Mx 440 (yeah, not the greatest)

I tried that opengl 2 renderer with the NICE preset but it just went at an average of 30fps, just wanted to know if someone found a way around with w/out having to use the pe ops plug in
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use OpenGL 1.75 and try the nice preset on that. don't use OGL2 on your graphics card.
turn off ALL those special game fixes, you dont need them.

btw, we do know what the Nice preset does, we do this every day ;)

lastly, there is a copy to clipboard button in Pete's plugins.
probably the first one, since he just said "Twisted Metal"
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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