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TwinPad 0.8.0, to grab it visit this thread.


* Fixed a bug (also presented in PadWinKeyb plugin) when loading save states
so early as soon as emulation begins, causing games to show a message like
"No DualShock2 controller detected" in DMC3 or the player moving diagnolly without touching
the controls (FFX for example), the bug was present in PADpoll() not sending the right
length of commands to pcsx2, now it will detect what pad mode, Digital, DualShock 1 or 2
depends on the game when you load save states..

* Added support to PSX Emus. tested on SSSPSX, PCSX, PSXeven.
Note: for ePSXe you need Pete's ePSXecutor utility to choose and enable PADs, by default ePSXe has built-in PAD support.
Maybe it only supports external pads in Linux :dead:

* Now you can use the Mouse as PAD 2.

* Add mouse sensitivity. you can choose from 1 to 6, 1 is the old Accurate mode, 2 to 6
trying to shrink the Dead Zone in the center where Analog movements not accepted.

* Fixed the double keystroke issue, i.e. pressing F1-F...F10, Shift keys will send
the right commands to the Emu/Gs.. and Shift Key behavior is fixed too when selecting
save states, very accurate even if you try to hit L-Shift R-Shift at the same time..

* Fixed a bug (it was a typo T_T) when using mouse, if you configured mouse to use
Start, Up, Right, Left or Down, would give you error message.. it's fixed..

* TwinPad.exe is moveable, some users hate that, I dunno why :/

* Now for Walk/Run you only need to press one key instead of two, if a key defined
pressing it once will make the plugin send half presses for analog (emitate walking
in most RPG and other games), press it once more will make it back as full press (Running)

* Disabled the Windows logo key. ensures that the user cannot
inadvertently break out of the application. specially in Full Screen mode
So now you can use this key for PADs like most other keys.

* Added "Extended Options" in the configuration utility.. More details in the documentations..

* Adding a new and unique feature for PSX/PCSX2 emus, I call it "COMBOs", now with a single
keystroke you could perform series of buttons acting in timely manner, usefull in situations
like FFX's Overdrive or Tekken Combos.. *more details about this in the documentation*

* Small fixes, tweaks here and there.
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