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I started up the game and it worked fine. It shows the square enix logo and then the next two logos, but after that it's just a black screen. It doesn't go the title screen at all. T_T
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Try using NGZoom if you're on 32x Windows, or NO$Zoomer if you're on a 64x Windows.
And you should have the version 2.6a of NO$GBA to get these 2 add-ons working. ;)
All right! It worked! thanks. XD

But now I have 2 more problems. T_T

When I play the game, everything is black except the background.

Also, I have FF4. The first time I loaded it, it was in english, but it's in spanish?
Delete these files: BIOSNDS7.rom, BIOSNDS9.rom and FIRMWARE.BIN, and dump these from your own DS, because NO$GBA puts the language in some games as on the Firmware. ;)
Alright. I got the games working now. Everything was working fine. When I switched back to FFIV the Framerate only goes at 5 fps for some reason. I tried a different one and it runs at the same speed.

The EXs stay active when you switch the game. Be sure to have the correct set for both games.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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