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TV Tuner sharing through Lan?

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Hi all, gather round ye computer gurus ;)

I have a simple question with a possible complex solution: Does anyone know if it is possible to share a TV Tuner card over a network between two computers with windowxp?
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A method I know of is to use Windows Media Encoder (google it and it should be the first link) and you can use the output (be it from the Tuner or other inputs from the tuner like Composite or S-Video or any other inputs it has) from the TV Tuner to be streamed from your PC to any computer on your LAN with as high of a bitrate as your PC can handle (not neccessarily the bandwidth you have on your LAN, since encoding takes up some CPU power). It'll probably take some time to get the perfect bitrate for your PC configuration but it'll be worth it I think. I hope this helps.
This might help VideoLAN Client
i know many people who stream TV to their PCs using a server with a TV tuner. one way to do it is to get a TV tuner card with onboard mpegII encoding, (although hard divx encoders are starting to pop up), and use SAGE TV on the server, which is a PVR program, with SAGE Client, which is used on the client pcs. this in effect streams the video capture to any client pc and allows you to control what you watch without having to be on the server pc. i tried a few PVR programs for my setup and SAGE works very well.
Thanks for your help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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