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TV out usage? Need help identifing the stuff I need.

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Anyway I wanna start using the TV-out feature on my Graphics card, but the manual doesn't exactly give me any information on how to use it or if I need some additional equipment.

The card states it had TV-Out/DVI feature, and I think it has HDTV output. Here a picture of the only cable that came with it, Anyone know what the Red, Green and Blue cables are for? Possibly HDTV? Also, if it is can I use that on any TV or just HDTV ones?

Thanks for any info.
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Kane-Sama said:
Well I had loads of problems with S-Video output on UK TVs, but I thought that was just my old geForce 3. I used the S-Vid to composite adaptor I got with it as a result and was stuck with the lower quality.
That suggests to me that graphics card manufacturers dont' realise thier cards don't work at full Q on UK TVs
It's not only in the UK, the same happens to me too in Spain. The curious thing is that unlike my previous geforce card, wich had the two connectors, this ATI has only the S-VHS one, and an adaptor S-VHS -> composite. If i plug the card to the scart using a S-VHS cable, it shows in B/W, but if i use the adaptor to composite and plug to the same scart with a composite cable, then it shows fine. However, i had to connect once my CPU to a friend's TV, and used S-VHS. It started showing black and white, but when changed the input mode for that connector from SCART to S-VHS (in the TV, still using the S-VHS cable), as scottlc said, it worked fine.
Sonicfoot, make your primary display the tv and it will work just fine. Or enable the theater mode in the overlays tab of your driver's config.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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