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TV out usage? Need help identifing the stuff I need.

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Anyway I wanna start using the TV-out feature on my Graphics card, but the manual doesn't exactly give me any information on how to use it or if I need some additional equipment.

The card states it had TV-Out/DVI feature, and I think it has HDTV output. Here a picture of the only cable that came with it, Anyone know what the Red, Green and Blue cables are for? Possibly HDTV? Also, if it is can I use that on any TV or just HDTV ones?

Thanks for any info.
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Hydra said:
Well, got a cable and it works, but alas nothing ever works first time for me so it only displays in black and white. =/ I checked around and can eliminate the following possible problems.

I have it set to I/PAL since I'm in the UK, so that setting isn't causing it.
The Saturation is set to default.
The connector type is set to S-Video.

Wierd thing is, when I set it from S-Video to Composite I can see the full colour for a split second before it goes black, so I know the cables fine. O_O I've tried a few drivers and I'm currently using ForceWare

Anyone have any idea whats wrong cause google ain't giving me much luck?
Your TV has to support S-Video. My TV shows in black and white unless you switch to SVHS.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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