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Version 0.3 aka "TF109"
I had planned a few more things for this release but I couldn't get the time
to finish them off. Especially the audio plugins, but I guess thats for the next
release now ;). Also, if I forgot any feature you had asked, I apologize for it.

* Added CD-ROM emulation!!
* Added physical CD handling using ASPI.
* Added CUE/BIN/ISO+OGG/MPC support.
* Savestate support for CD-ROM games.
* Fixed a timer issue which fixes Double Dungeons and Champions Forever Boxing.
* Fixed B&W mode not working when brighten disabled.
* TE shows a real "Turbo Engine" on startup ;) .
* Fixed a bug in fullscreen code which caused TE to crash while exiting from fullscreen.
* Added a "FastVDC" option to the ini file.
* Cheats fixed.
* Added Arcade Card support.
* Option to enable/disable arcade card.
* Dialog box to configure various paths easily. (Under "Misc->Configure Paths")
* Added filtered/unfiltered screenshot support.
* Added PNG and BMP screenshot support.
* Added WAVE file sound logging.
* Added HES Music file loading with nice oscilloscope display :) .
* Added Input movie recording and replaying feature.
* Added rewinding feature (*highly* experimental).
* Added frame advance feature (only useful while emu is paused).
* Added slow mode feature.
* Improved video plugin support. All plugins are supported now (that is, upto 4x scalers).
* Added ability to enable/disable PSG channels, CD Audio and ADPCM.
* Added 7-zip support.
* Added many pre-defined scanline settings.
* Added custom scanline intensity option.
* Added bitmapped text support.
* FPS are now displayed in lower right corner instead of the titlebar.
* Added suport to rip (PCE) CDROMs into CUE/ISO+Wave.
After that you can convert audio to whatever format you prefer (OGG or MPC).
* Added 6 button pad support.
* Added Multitap support. Now you can use upto five controllers.
* Quite a lot more stuff but I can't remember all of it now. >_>
AamirM's Home Page - Turbo Engine 16
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