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There seems to be a problem, I have had it with VGS or any other emulators but since being forced to use epsxe (under win2k and I know of nothing else that will work) I am having HUGE difficulities.

The problem I am having is the speed varies while playing, some rooms it is Really fast, all MOVIES/FMV's are at like 3x normal speed but some places (with SNOW or other graphics like Magic in Chrono Trigger and just entering fights and sutff) become unberably slow (I mean like 5x slower then normal)

Also the sound at the end of every fight PEAKS for 2 seocnds (no clue, very annoying)

Is there anyway to REGULATE this so I could have a constant play? this is really annoying and takes the fun out of the game.

Or a better plugin/emulator I might use?

Also I am experiencing internet problems, when I play epsxe all my sends (dcc/ftp/icq) seems to drop to 0.03 - 0.001 kb/s.

Thanks for your time
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