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try this out!

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do the test in your mind
without writing enything.

and obviosly follow the instructions.

pick a number between 2 to 9

multiply this number by 9

take the 2 numbers and add each of their digits together (if you chose 2 then 2*9=18; 1+8=9. that's how you do it..)
subtract 5 from your answer

match the number with the letter from the alphabet:

A=1 , B=2 , C=3 ...

now think of a country that her name starts with that letter

take the last letter

and think about an animal that starts with that letter

now imagine that animal in the country you have chosen

now take the last letter from the name of the animal

and think about a color that starts with that letter.

now imagine the animal with that color

oh, and another thing:
-scroll down-

there are NO

Orange Kangaroos In Denmark!

of all the peolpe that did this test
95% of then thought about orange kangaroos in denmark

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Funny, but I was thinking of Auburn Koalas. I did think of Denmark though. But I wasn't really paying attention.
ooh i remember doing that in grade 9 to all my friends. They thought i was a phsycic.
I thought of aqua-colored koalas in denmark :p
I guess there isn't much of a problem with sepia ants from Dominica ...

... yes I couldn't think of any colors with T :p
I got belgium mooses, but no color starts with E oO
Well, mathematically speaking it's impossible to get a 2 :p
it seems that no matter which number you choose, you end up with 9 in the third step. this somehow reminds me of The Flash Mind Reader.
Well, any number you multiply with 9 and then add them together will result in 9.
For example: 3 * 9 = 27; 2 + 7 = 9

Another example: 63425 * 9 = 570825; 5 + 7 + 0 + 8 + 2 + 5 = 27; 7 + 2 = 9.
yeah, that's how the flash mind reader works. you always end up with a number that is divisible by 9
Oh ok, thats where I effed up in. Changing his post for clairity.
i was too lazy to follow through with this .... XD
Ehhh, I must be the 5% cause I thought of green dog in Ireland. Mind you that kind of fit nicely hehe
Well, actually there are, but most people don't know about them. Electric Yellow is a color that starts with E. (And yes, Electric Yellow is a color. Basically anycolors beyond the basic 256 or so are named using surnames that describe their appearance. Electric Yellow is a bright yellow, just as Ember Red is a cool shade of red.)

Maybe I should've said Deutschland. :p Anyways, there're mind games with a lot better percentage than this one. This one doesn't seem particularly consistent.
Tpshiro and can you get Ireland and Kenya?...thats impossible
I made the test in spanish :p

so I thought in blue birds in Denmark
Chrono Archangel said:
Tpshiro and can you get Ireland and Kenya?...thats impossible
7 times 9 is 63... 7+6+3 = 16....16-5= 11


E= Whatever color starts with E
WTF?! its not like that:
>7 times 9 is 63... 7+6+3 = 16....16-5= 11

its just 6+3!!
its always sapposed to be 9..
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