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Beta Date: 31.07.05 [refraction]
Conditions Tested Under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from
GSDX9 25.07.05

With this game it consists of 2 ELFs:
SLES_517.54 plays intro videos and loads main core TC.ELF thru LoadExecPS2
Picture doesn't appear if you load TC.ELF manually.

TC.ELF tells you what it's doing:
Replace IOP
Load IRX's
Loading world...
Done loading world.
Loading sound...

Here INT loops with any SPU2 plugin at 00081fc0
REC progresses further:

Done loading sound.
Loading animations...
Done loading animations.
Memory free before: 0

some more DVDReads, then it freezes at
EPC= sceSifSetDma

Patches used:
gametitle=True Crime - Streets Of L.A. GER/AUS [SLES51754] (E)
comment= censored version for Germany and Australia
//skip intro videos

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Beta date: 02.08.05 [refraction counterfix]
Conditions tested under:
INT only
SPU2ghz only, other SPU2 plugins freeze before loading video

This beta doesn't print the game's own printf's, so it's harder to tell what it's doing.

Randomly stuck at EPC=vwaitq
If not then it loads until it reads:
STREAM: Couldn't start streaming transport thread.
DMA address not 128bit aligned: 00ffffff

PC/RA/EPC around reading T0_COUNT ($10000000)

Status Intro
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