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Trouble with various games

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System / ePSXe Specs

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Okay, eventually (read sometime tommrrow) I'll post screenshots of this but for now...

I'm having tons and tons of graphics errors in whichever games I run on ePSXe, mostly with textured windows displaying no textures, just the corners and the text, and while this may not seem a big deal to some I can't stand it...

Now I've tried various other plugins to no avail Pete's plugin set (except for the TNT driver one), Tratax 3dfx renderer, and some others which i can't really remember. I've also tried tweaking all of the various options with each of these plugins and still no go. The only plugin that works is pete's soft gpu (which i don;t want to use if I can possibly avoid it (sorry pete, its a nice plugin but I'm just too durned used to 3d acceleration

Now I suspect that these issues are due to my driver set for winxp (and since 3dfx isn't around and nVidia won't release XP drivers for voodoo cards, I'll be getting a GeForce IT 2 soon) but.... does anyone know a set of voodoo xp drivers that don't have these problems? I mean, I used to flay ff9 with no graphics bugs at all on WinME but bow the graphichs are disgustingly horrible.

Specific games I'm having problems with
Wild Arms 2
Breath of fire 4

(that list btw is all the psx games I have :-( )

And again, sometime tommrow I'll post screenshots so you guys can see what i mean

(also, one last thing, I've already tried the win2k drivers from 3dfx... they don't work :-( )
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I figured it oiut.. mostly :(


I found another set of drivers and installed them, but the glide rendering STILL won't work (ie lewpy) but Pete's DX7 now works like a charm except for some minor graphical bobbles, I'll listy them here and see if you gus have any ideas

FF 9 this one im not sure if its the gpu or just what im doing... I load a save state (which isn't for that cd, but still somehow shows up as one of them... i go into the character menu and everythings fine except for garbbled character pics

Wild Arms 2 - Black cricles around the sprites' feet (which I'm assuming are shadows being rendered incorrectly)

Wild Arms 2 -Nasty flickering in battle minues... doesn't matter what I set OSD to, it does it anyway

FF 7.. haven't tried

BOF4 - None! YAY!
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