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I've just made an iso of ff8 and it doesn't work... I've tried alot of iso-creation software (incl. isobuster, clone cd, cdrwin) but it just wont work.

For fun i tried to run my iso's with ePSXe, and it worked, the problem is that i want to play ff8 on my xbox :)

Unfortunatly ff8 is the only psx game i have left so i cant try an other game.

Is there anyone who can help me? Would appreciate it.

The plugins I use are:

pete's d3d
peops dsound
mooby cd

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bsnes, ePSXe
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ok forget mooby's for a second, try PSXeven or ePSXe because they have a "run ISO" command. then does the ISO work? try it with peops software plugin first so you know if it's a GPU plugin or not. what does the console (the DOS window) say?
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