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Trouble In Changing Disc

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This is my first time playing with this emulator using PC

i got trouble in changing disc, I can't see the control panel

here's the detail

1. I run the game from my CD-ROM
2. After loading the game runs, but the tool bar which contain the File Tab, Option Tab etc everything went missing, then I can't change my disc after finish playing Disc 1

if someone know how to fix it

plz tell me

help is really needed here

thank you
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Use the Escape Key to pause emulation, and these options should come back within a few seconds. The game will automatically continue after you use the change disc function or you can use Run-> continue to continue without changing discs. I assume you are running in a windowed mode?

Also, most multi-disc games have a fail-safe built in when swapping discs. They allow you to save the game before you swap, so you can "turn off" the console and load the save file on the next disc to continue normally. This should also work in ePSXe by quitting the emulator and then running the game from disc 2 etc... and loading the save you made before the swap.
Thanks a lot now it works perfectly fine
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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