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I finished Trine in around six hours over a few days. It really is a smooth experience, in my opinion the developers kept an eye on frustration levels of their testers & made sure the game play was always moving forward. That said, it did feel a liiiittle short for $30. ;x But, this is the company's very first game, & the gorgeous graphics engine, fun physics obstacles, & it's sweet & simple story & characters make it a must-play for me.

I only have a few major faults with the game. Again, it was short. Without trying to blast through the game, it still only took me like, three sittings. For me, there really is no replay value. Second, the knight character really starts to become useless very quickly. I used him as a sacrifice character for tricky jumps that the wizard or thief couldn't lolezmode through, & that was really it. Lastly, & the most offensive flaw was the final stage. I won't spoil it, but it's a big cliche from every platforming game ever, & the ending is very anticlimactic.

That all said, I'd give Trine a 8.5/10, & am very much looking forward to other games from this company. ^^
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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