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Trick or Treating Age Question

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I was just texting my best friend when she asked me what I'd be doing for Halloween night. Since it is usually snowing or raining on Halloween night and considering my condition, I told her that I would probably just be watching horror movies all night. She told me that a bunch of our old friends (friends that I don't consider as friends now) are going to go out trick or treating and she turned them down. The group of friends that are going out that night to ask for candy are older than me, being ages between 22-26.

I thought that was way too old and they should grow up and start to celebrate Halloween the way adults do (going to parties, going to a haunted house, going to horror movies, etc) and leave the begging for treats for the kids.

I don't have a problem with trick or treating when kids are in high school. I don't care if they do it when they're 19 but I think that when you are thru with your teen years, that you should leave the kids to celebrate their Halloween.

So what do you guys think is the appropriate age to not trick or treat anymore? Do you think the group of friends are being immature? Or do you not mind them?

Happy Halloween! :evil:
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I believe you should stop when you are 15 , can accompany children in your early 20s
and you should definitely lay off the candy alltogether after 26 or else it'll all go to your abdominal region , i.e. you will be fat , damn metabolism not like it used to be
I don't think that anybody really addressed this in this thread, so I'll give it a go. Think about it from the eyes of the person giving away candy. If you've ever done it, you know that there are adults who still trick or treat. ADULTS. NO CHILDREN IN SIGHT. I refuse to give these people the candy that I paid for. I bought it for the children, not some creepy old people who think that walking around in half-assed costumes makes them deserve my candy.
You bring up a really good point Warptera. Last time I went trick or treating I was either 14 or 15 and I had some of the houses I went to got so upset with me. They would yell and slam the door in my face. I think that was a bit too much. I wasn't even able to drive a car. Since I couldn't get drunk or go anywhere or purchase any good R movies, I thought trick or treating was okay. Obviously it wasn't. I'm just hoping that this group doesn't come up to my door. *groans*
Well, you could always yell and slam the door o their faces :p
Adults still do trick or treats in some bars.. heck, last year's halloween, I was going
every hour or so to my supervisor's office at work (I love this old lady) everytime I put my
hands in the candy basket, and say trick or treat, stealing the small kit-kats and snickers.. :evil:
The only reason why they have contacted me is to know what I was sick of and when I told them that I did not want to tell them, they left. They only see me to check up on me and to see for themselves if I'm really sick or if I'm just faking it for attention (yes they have admitted that to me before and even asked for my medical records so they could check to see how sick I really am...)

I've already slammed the door in their faces before and I definitely would do it this year if they came to my house asking for candy. So not only will they be left out in the snow and rain, but they will also be candy-less. Lol.

Rebel: That's different then having a group of adults going door to door begging for candy. Going to bars and begging for candy are two different things.
Your "friends" seem like quite a happy bunch of chaps to whom i would warmly give a knuckle in the face, they fit perfectly the fraze: with friends like this who needs enemy's.
That is why I don't consider them friends anymore. The nice thing about being so sick is that you get to see who your real friends are. But anyways, back on topic...

As I was saying earlier, if you go to a bar and hang out and go bar hopping for candy, that is fine. It's MEANT for adults. Trick or treating in the burbs is MEANT for the kids. I say, let the kids do their thing and grow up and do your thing. Besides, I think bar hopping for candy would be a lot more fun because you wouldn't have to walk all the way in the dark and they serve alcohol. ;) Lol.
LOL I can hardly imagine adults doing trick or treat asking for candies door to door. REALLY got issues
Hmm... i would probably say to them "oh wait here i got call my friend to lend me his camera cause i want to post this pic on the internet as retards of the year, also don't forget to write your names ;)"
i think just because you're old, you shouldn't be obligated to spend Halloween like the 'cool' people do (going to parties and stuff).

trick or treating OTOH is usually just for kids though, so it'd just be really weird to see 22+ year olds trick-or-treating.
i'm pretty curious what the owners of the homes will say/think when they open the doors to see 22+ year olds...

i personally don't like little kids though, so i rather see some (hot?) 22 year old girls in costumes at my door than little kids ;)
(and if some of your old-friends that are doing this are guys, then that's pretty messed up)
i personally don't like little kids though, so i rather see some (hot?) 22 year old girls in costumes at my door than little kids ;)
Lol, You would say "I've got Ice Cream in the cellar." <=- "Family Guy" :p

ps: Don't say that to the kids..
Lol, You would say "I've got Ice Cream in the cellar." <=- "Family Guy" :p

ps: Don't say that to the kids..
That would be bad :lol:
I think it's somewhat amusing that only one poster has answered my question.
I think the main reason for that is how little it's celebrated in other countries.
I agree with all pro-hot chick opinions towards trick or treating.
Only in america, would they turn the day when all of the magic and spiritual energy in the world is at its most focused and make it all about demons and monsters and witches.

....american's make wikka's cry :(
Actually the americans are the reason the magical and spiritual energy is at it's most focused on that day Ichigo, demons love it when humans **** about on their turf.
(and if some of your old-friends that are doing this are guys, then that's pretty messed up)
Yep. They are. At least three guys will be in that group and their about 24 or so.
I went trick or treating last year at age 18 (as I am a cheap bastard and wanted the free candy) and in all honesty we got more compliments than insults from the people we took candy from because we were all polite and respectful unlike most of the 13-15 year olds.

Afterwards we did go to a party but you need something to do up until the parties start.

And yes 24 is definitely too old to be trick or treating
... hey I would do it if I got a group of friends with me willing to do the same thing. :p You can never be too old. I got convinced of that after my landlord and my father decided to go to school and start a new major at age 60. :heh:
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