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Trick or Treating Age Question

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I was just texting my best friend when she asked me what I'd be doing for Halloween night. Since it is usually snowing or raining on Halloween night and considering my condition, I told her that I would probably just be watching horror movies all night. She told me that a bunch of our old friends (friends that I don't consider as friends now) are going to go out trick or treating and she turned them down. The group of friends that are going out that night to ask for candy are older than me, being ages between 22-26.

I thought that was way too old and they should grow up and start to celebrate Halloween the way adults do (going to parties, going to a haunted house, going to horror movies, etc) and leave the begging for treats for the kids.

I don't have a problem with trick or treating when kids are in high school. I don't care if they do it when they're 19 but I think that when you are thru with your teen years, that you should leave the kids to celebrate their Halloween.

So what do you guys think is the appropriate age to not trick or treat anymore? Do you think the group of friends are being immature? Or do you not mind them?

Happy Halloween! :evil:
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Only in america, would they turn the day when all of the magic and spiritual energy in the world is at its most focused and make it all about demons and monsters and witches.

....american's make wikka's cry :(
I wish I were in Australia where corrupt politicians do everything but burp their citizens...

Yeah, I don't want to have to worry about buying "naughty" video games and having to think for myself...

Plus those aborigine women are hot...right? :evil:
While I wouldn't go trick or treating, I would dress up in a goofy outfit to have fun with others, at a parade, or at a bar. I think that's fun.
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