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Tri-force arcade hardware emulation.

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Any chance this might be added in the near future?

This Nintendo/Namco/Sega branded hardware is pretty much a gamecube with double the ram iirc.

I did a search and found the same question asked in 2008 and it was met with hostile replies tbh. Now though, GC/Wii/ppc emulation has progressed amazingly. (I actually only just discovered how far it had come along the other day ...It's been a few years since I last tried it ...and Wow! I never expected such speed! WW almost perfect on my nothing-special computer? Incredible!).

Anyway, surely triforce support would be a relatively simple addition?
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tmbinc used (a very early) Dolphin as base for Tri-force testing, and he even blogged about it (here and here).

I'm not exactly sure how hard/easy it is to buy the hardware or whatever is needed to get the games, so I guess the hostility is mainly because you'd need to pirate it or the likes.
Thanks for the info. Very interesting. :)

The hostility was more about the fact that at the time GC emulation had a long way to go so why bother adding a more powerful system.

The piracy issue. Well, I collect arcade hardware and I'd much rather play cps2/naomi/MVS (etc) games than PS3, so I personally don't see the difference, other than the fact that there are no home (or even commercial) sales to lose from triforce emulation. The piracy affect of wii emulation is infinitely greater.
There's been some work on this in the latest revision
Hey, that's good to know. Exciting stuff. Thanks.
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