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Zataki, without any informations about your gfx card and your plugin settings,
it's impossible to say what is causing that effect.

On the other hand I couldn't think of any settings that would produce this glitch...
If the whole battle menu is flickering, ok, wrong OD, but just the menu bkg texture
invisible? tsts...

the bkg texture of the FF8 battle menu is a wrapped texture, as far as I remember,
maybe your gfx card driver has some problems doing such? Did you up/downgrade
your drivers recently?

Kupo kupo?
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I liked it.
it would be very nice for those HUGE battle menu in ff7.

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Wow, cant believed Pete Bernert actually replied to my post:D

Anyways... the current system config is...
GFX card---------------------------------------------------ATI Rage 128 GL SG TV AGP 32mg

Using PetesD3D (settings)
Petes D3D Driver 1.48
*Fullscreen mode-------------------------------------------------- 800x600
*Color dept----------------------------------------------------------- 12 bit

Texture quality------------------------------------------------------ R8 G8 B8 A8
Caching type--------------------------- Dynamic (vram depended, fast palette caching)

Use FPS limit--------------------------------------------------ON
Auto-detect FPS/Frame skipping------------------------ON

------------------------------Better, but (sometimes) slower-----------------------------------
Off-screen drawing-------------------------------------------------2(Standard)
Advanced Blending------------------------------------------------Hardware
Framebuffer texture-------------------------------------------------Black(fastest)
Enable Mask bit detect----------------------------------ON

Color dithering--------------------------------------------ON

And for the card driver files, YeS, it was upgraded to current files.
I played this game on your 1.47D3D plugin and it run fine with no problem.
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