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Lot of problems with this game:

1) uses Dualshock2 pressure-sensitive buttons, therefore Padwin must be used.
Press emulated buttons on keyboard and roll mousewheel at the same time.

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2) custom videos, skip them quickly with START button

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3) misc. VU problems, unsurprisingly it crashes in VUREC mode

VIF1_FBRST still works fine

VCALLMS is broken since July, 16th
to fix that, press SHIFT+3 in PS2DIS
search 32 bit: 4a000038
press F4 to search again
make patch like this, address will be similar
//fix vcallms
patch=0,EE,xxxxxxxx,word,4a000138 // [SLES 52388] 002720e8
patch=0,EE,xxxxxxxx,word,4a000138 // [SLES 52388] 002722c0

next crash at ctc2 zero, CMSAR1
search 32 bit: 48c0f800
make patch like this, address will be similar
//skip ctc2 zero, CMSAR1
patch=0,EE,xxxxxxxx,word,00000000 // [SLES 52388] 0026eb54
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