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Beta Date: 19.08.05 [refraction 23:58h]
Conditions Tested Under:
EEREC only
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from GSdx9 15.08.05

VIF1_FBRST broken again.
Crashes with
DMA address not 128bit aligned: 11111111
DMA error: 11111111
# DMAC(15) handler does not exist
# Init...

then stops.
Patching FBRST lets the game load like beta below.

Beta Date: 19.08.05 [refraction fbrst 20:04h]
Conditions Tested Under:
release 0.8.1 plugins, except from GSdx9 15.08.05
EEREC only
VIF1_FBRST fixed

Lot of problems with this game:
1) uses Dualshock2 pressure-sensitive buttons, therefore Padwin must be used. Press emulated buttons on keyboard and roll mousewheel at the same time.
2) custom videos, skip them quickly with START button
3) misc. VU problems, unsurprisingly it crashes in VUREC mode
4) after button press on robot select it does nothing
EDIT: video from that (500KB)

Patches used:
gametitle= Transformers [SLES 52388] (E)
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
// fix vif1_fbrst
//fix vcallms
//skip ctc2 zero, CMSAR1

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