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Trading Pokemon on VBA w/ mac?

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First of all, I'm sorry if this question has been answered before. I've searched the 'net through and through and I couldn't find a decent answer, sooooo, I decided I would try here :)

I want to be able to trade my Pokemon from FR to LG (mostly for evolution purposes) and since VBALink is only for Windows, I was wondering if there was any other possible way to trade between the two.

If there is, I would like it if somebody could explain it to me in simple terms, since my brain can't process big words. Not to mention I haven't had much experience with VBA. haha :)

Thanks :D
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VBA-M-MacOS-X-0.1.dmg - visualboyadvance-m - VBA-M-MacOS-X-0.1 - Google Code

VBA-m is new and you can test it, but the linking isnt working yet so if you start fellowing you can see that its greyed out (not sure about this, never tested the mac version), but this feature will be added soon hopefully.

if you can get windows with no$gba thats the best bet.
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