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ok, this title is actually ridiculously called 'road rage 3' in the west, but it's the only initial-d style ps2 game I know of that actually went overseas.

Even without playing the real deal (initial d special stage) I can safely assume this game doesn't quite get at that level, but for the 10 euros (it's a budget title) I spent for it it's a steal and actually quite a bit better than a few other attempts (like the horrible Initial d mountain vengeance for pc). I just gave it a few runs (hm, gotta get used to how ps2 pads work with driving games) and I liked it how uphill I lagged behind with the 86, only to return and tail the other cars when the downhill part had started. Now that's quite in the spirit of the anime ;)

Recommended for people on a tight budget and ps2's that don't play imports.
(and aside from the ridiculous title that makes us think of motorcross games from EA, it seems it was pretty much left intact). It's a very good price/value deal :)

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Good lord, it really does look like an ID ripoff, right down to the menu system. I might have to get it nonetheless, thanks for the heads up.
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