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I have a wd1200bb(120 gb 7200rpm, this is my main hdd for this pc) and a wd800bb(I think its bb, its 80gb and 7200 rpm iirc, this one I am trying to add). Trouble is, when I add the 80gb drive to my pc, it shows up at the post IDE check as the same model as my wd120bb and doesnt show up at all in windows, AND my wd120 takes a pretty serious performance hit in read times I think, because loading time takes forever loading windows and checking for drives at post. Oh, and I tried pulling one of my optical drives and putting it in a slave spot on the IDE channel without my main hdd (the 120gb) but the same thing still happened.

As an alternative to bothering with this im thinking of buying an external enclosure to slap my extra drive into. I have never done this before and am wonderiing if I need to format a hdd when putting it into an external enclosure, because if so I wont bother because I have a lot of video and other files on there that would be rather bothersome to lose.

thx for any help,

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