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hi im new to this board it looks like its gotta lotta regulars so ill probally stay i was trying to think of a more upbeat topic then my last one so i will ask what do you think are the top 5 all time games in order heres my list
  • final fantasy 3
  • chrono trigger
  • final fantasy 7
  • seiken densetsu 3
  • chrono cross
somme of you are probally sayin wheres 8 and 9 there good but ff7 WAS THE SHIT when it came out same with 3 kefka holds my best villian in a game titlle still...chrono trigger is the only rpg ive played more than 3 times thru sikken densetsu is som 2 from japan (if any of you havent played it go get zsnes and get the rom its a classsic game im suprised it didnt come to usa and chrono cross i played that thru twice beating lthe time devourer the first time then finding out what the chrono cross does after i beat it ...geezanyways post yours up i find it interesting to hear from other gamers like me cause i dont know to many peoplle into games as much as me

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no one seems to be replying. :p so ill start. :)

In order:

5. Metal Gear Solid (and VR Missions :p)
4. Gran Turismo 2
3. a tie between Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile
2. Final Fantasy VIII
1. Tokimeki Memorial (boo! biased! :p)

and to further rub it in :D.....

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Go RPGs. Anyway, my constantly fluctuating list currently stands at...

1. Planescape Torment
2. Shining the Holy Ark
3. Tales of Phantasia
4. Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD version)
5. Skies of Arcadia

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in any order
1. FFVII (also FFVIII and pretty much all FF's)
2. Starcraft
3. MGS
4. Chrono Trig/Cross
5. Super Mario (and all marios). (nyahahaha!!!:evil::evil::evil::)

6. Diablo and Diablo2
7. RA
8. HL +mods
9. Zelda: OT
10. Tetris (nyahahaha!:D:D:D)

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1. Chrono Trigger
2. Starcraft
3. Mario Kart
4. Seiken Densetsu 3
5. Final Fantasy VI

I like CT so much I played it throught around 20 times, and I still think Mario Kart is the best console game in the multiplayer area. And for Starcraft, I'll just say it has not left my HD since I first got my hands into it. :)

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Well, my all time favourites are:

1. Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (finished 4 times)
2. Final Fantasy 7 (finished 5 times)
3. Final Fantasy 8 (finished 3 times)
4. Chrono Cross
5. Super Mario 64


6. Final Fantasy Tactics (ending was a bit easy)
7. Chrono Trigger
8. Tekken Tag Tournement
9. Frontier - Elite 2 (PC version - lost my save after 2 years of playing :()
10. Jet Set Willy (a speccy game had to be in there somewhere!)

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1. Final Fantasy 8 & 7
2. Chrono Trigger & Cross
3. MGS
4. Zelda (all)
5.Warcraft II ( still better then Starcraft even the Brood wars )

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1.Super Mario 3 (NES)
2.Kunio Downtown(River City Ransom) (NES)
3.Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES)
4.Mario Kart 64 (N64)
5.Contra (NES)
6.Castlevania : SOTN (PSX)
7.Castlevania : Circle of the Moon (GBA)
8.Unreal Tournament (PC)
9.Megaman Series (NES,SNES,GB,PSX)
10.Super Mario 2 (GB)

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in no particular order.........

1. Valkyrie Profile
2. Terranigma
3. ogre battle
4. chrono trigger
5. ff 3 / ff6

i love 2d games with great stories...... preferably the ones made by enix. FF's 2d rpg are also great.

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in no particular order:

1.the FF's (specially snes FF's) w/ special mention to FFT
2.Halflife + mods(specially CounterStrike, quake only comes second)
3.Tekken(the best fighting game ever!!! and TTT rules)
4.Megaman and Megaman X series
5.Chrono Trigger(most of my snes' lifespan was spent on that, not to mention my time when i got it into emu form, oh savestates...:yawn: )

special mention:
mario series
zelda series

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Games I like and still play lots/or i played lots years ago are
unreal tournement-pc
black tiger-arcade
super punch out -snes
Tekken 3 (and 2)-psx
Microprose f1gp -amiga
wild arms-psx
sonic 1-mega drive
zelda 64-n64
eye of the beholder-amiga
and ooooh loads more :eek:

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My favorite games that you can play through emulation

1. Zelda64 OoT (Project64)
2. Metal Gear Solid (ePSXe or FPSE)
3. DraculaX PC engine Super CDROM^2 (Yame)
4. Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Japanese) (Xega)
5. Gunstar Heros (Xega or Gens)
6. Xexex (Japanese) (Mame)
7. Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Xega or Gens)
8. Gunlock/Raystorm (arcade) (Mame)
9. Winds of thunder (Japanese) PC engine Super CDROM^2 (Yame)
10. Gaires (Xega or Gens)

Scourge of the Seven Seas
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5. Final Fantasy 7
4. Mega Man X4
3. Zelda: A Link to the Past
2. StarFox
1. Tetris


6. Myst
7. Final Fantasy Tactics
8. StarFox 64
9. Sonic 3
10. Quake II

There ya go mate!

space trader
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Hmmm !! ...threads like this are becoming more and more difficult to to post at :D ...I mean "All-time favorite Top FIVE" ??? ...I think that very FEW peolple can decisively narrow down their selection to only five games, and I'm not one of them, so I'll post a top 20 (not that its going to be any easier... ;) )

So, in NO particular order ....

Galaxian (my first genuine arcade experience)

Combat (on my Atari 2600)

Asteroids (on my Atari 2600)

Elite (on my Amstrad CPC 6128)

Renegade (on my Amstrad CPC 6128)

F-19 Stealth Fighter (on my Amiga 500)

Secret of Monkey Island (on my Amiga 500)

Frontier-Elite 2 (on my '386 PC)

Star Control 2 (on my '386 PC)

Wing Commander (on my '386 PC)

Day of the Tentacle (on my '386 PC)

X Wing (on my '386 PC)

Street Fighter 2 (arcade)

The King of Fighters '97 (arcade)

Final Fantasy 7 (on my Pentium PC)

Baldur's Gate (on my Pentium PC)

Valkyrie Profile (emulated on my Pentium3 PC)

Gran Turismo 2 (emulated on my Pentium3 PC)

Baldur's Gate 2 (on my Pentium3 PC)

Final Fantasy 8 (on my Pentium3 PC)

...ok, that about wraps it up I guess - although I didn't mention a whole lot of worthy games... but the line had to be drawn SOMEWHERE !! :D

Now, if I had to choose only ONE of these games to be my all time number ONE favorite, That would be "ELITE" without any hesitation whatsoever. I remember reading a review about this game back in '84 and I instantly fell in love with it !! (...what did you expect - I was only a 12 year old kid, you know how easily kids can be impressed by computer games :D ) From that time on, I CONSTANTLY nagged my dad to buy me a computer, until he finally succumbed to my neverending whining !! :D ...aaaah, those were the days !!

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All tetrisis(except few)
All Marios(except few)
All Resident Evils(except survivor)
Dino crisis-2

and many many more

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1.SD Gundam Generation F
2.All Super Robot War Series
3 All Final fantasy series
4.Chrono cross
5.Metal Gear Solid
6.Resident Evil 2&3
7.Dino Crisis 2
8.Harvest Moon:BTN
9.Half-life: Counter-strike
10. All Megaman Series
11.Diablo 1&2: Lord of Destruction

That all I like to play

The (V)ighty |>uffleHuff
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Final Fantasy 7
Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 6


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No way!!! This are thes best of all time:

1-Final Fantasy VIII
2-" " IX
3-Gran Turismo 3
4-Crono Cross
5- Flashpoint operation

yep, here they are.

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