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This is probably a game you dont read too many posts about...
Ok this time the problem is something i can live with, but im wondering if there is any way to correct this.

On the opening FMVs, the first 3 logos play perfectly. But when the Tony Hawk 3 opening plays, the music (which i discovered is embedded in the movie, not a seperate audio track that gets played with the movie) begins to speed up.
Other plugins cause this too, and make the problem worse, making Motorhead (Ace of Spades is the song that is played) sound like he just inhaled a bunch of helium.

The music in the menus returns to normal. However, upon entering a level, all the music speeds up to about 50% faster than it should.

I have tried v1.5.2
I have tried other plugins.
no luck.

any suggestions?

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the music is fast but the gameplay is normal, is that what you're saying? try using PC FPS calculation if you're using OGL.

have you tried PSXeven or PCSX?
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