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A regard to everybody. I'm italian and I don't speak english. I have a problem with tomb raider 4. When I make to begin the game, It appears me the writing Tomb raider The last revelation all trembling.
This problem It also appears me between a loading and the other of a level but during the game all ok.

My configuration is: Intel Coreduo E6750, Geforce 8800 gtx, Hard disk wd Raptor 10.000 Rpm, 2gb Ram 800Mhz, Windows xp 32 bit service pack 2.

Emulator is Epsxe 1.70, plugin video pete opengl 2.9.

I have tried the plugin pete direct 3d and this problem is repaired but there are other problems.
You know how I can resolve this problem (trembling) with plugin pete opengl 2.9?


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can you post a screenshot of your config for the OGL2 plugin?
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