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could any body tell me what are the best plugins for running tomb raider 1.i have got ntsc version of tomb raider 1 which hangs just after i select start new game.
the debug window shows the following message before the game hangs.

[F] ok
* Cdrom open... ok
* Doing init gpu...
* Gpu open...
* Direct input init ok.
* Doing spu init...
* Spu open...
* NTSC cdrom detected.
* Pad Digital enabled.
Sense Key: 0x 5,0x21,0x 0 (cmd 0xBE)
Illegal Request

i have tried almost all plugins and bios

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Tomb 1 probs :)
Hi hawk.
I have the pal version's of all the tomb raider games.
Now when i used epsxe 1.2.0 with tomb 1 and 2 (remember pal versions-not sure if its the same for ntsc) i had to use the supplied cheat code to get past the game selection screen. I have no idea what the cheats do as in well you dont gain any extra ammo/health, all i know is that they make the game playable.
Saying that the cd-audio (cd-da) tracks on both games never played usin 1.2.0-though i was using pete's cdr plugin-i dont think his plugin supports cd-da playback??

Now since we all upgraded to 1.4.0 apparently the team worked out quite a few bugs with the internal cdr plugin.
Both games now play "almost perfectly"
There's 1 or 2 graphical error's, especially Tomb Raider 2-underwater graphics are completly messed up-more like transparent!!

Another error affecting both games is that although the internal cdr plugin plays back cd-da tracks now, it doesnt seem to have "control" over them---err its hard to explain but basically as soon as 1 track is played the other tracks that follow, it will play-like it would if you played the cd-da tracks back using windows cd-player-ie when you pick up a secret and hear the familair "ring sound" another trac will play and before you know it you'll hear the t-rex music while killing the bats on level 1!!!! Yes i know it sounds nuts but if you have tomb 1 you'll understand

I'm happy the games play at all-and play so well!!
Would love to see the cd-da playback fixed :)
hopefully 1.5.0 :):)

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:) well ,i am still having trouble .the cheats supplied with epsxe 1.2.0 are for the pal version ,so i tried to patch my ntsc cd rom isos to pal version but i think it was unsuccessful since the the emulator always detects ntsc cd rom and codes were uneffective.
anyway thanks for replying :) .i was thinking if you could e-mail me your epsxe save states from tomb 1 and 2 then maybe they would work with my games ;) :eyemove:
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