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Tolkien Flash Introduction

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The base movie is done, check it at
Its not completely ready, i have to replace some stuff when i get it (a 3d ring (hy i4get) some more sounds, etc) but it will look kinda like this.

plz check it and post ur opinons :)

btw good news! Wormie was really gr8 and hosted me, so no one will have to worry about popups anymore :)
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Originally posted by Fou-lu
Hmmm, neo. The site was designed for all users or just those with broadband? ;)
It's kind of difficult to program it for the little people if all you have access to is broadband. My suggestion would be to befriend someone with dialup if you don't have some way to use a dialup method for checking purposes, Neojag. As for the animation, seems pretty good, but there's a little too much blank space in between some of the parts. One possible way to cut out much of the loading time would be to sacrifice Gandalf's distorted voice.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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