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Right, I've been searching the net for four days now and trying to find out what kind of images nulldc will actually run. If it's selfboots, cdi's, gdi's, etc. And I've come up with this... I still don't know. I don't really understand the point of being able to make isos of my dreamcast games if i don't know how to, and to what format I'm supposed to make them.

Most cdi I files I've tried have not worked, mostly my japanese imported games have worked, but almost none of the others. Yes I have ripped my flash and bios for my two dreamcast, one J and one Us.

So please, can someone tell me what format nullDC so persistantly craves, and how to make them into those files. Cause obviously the compabillity threads says the games I try should work.

Games that wont boot so far: space channel 5(cdi), grandia 2(nrg), SoA(mds)

Now my pc is fed up with different burning tools, but I don't want to burn isos since that's illegal. I want to play my dc games on my computer. And all threads i find only tackle the topic of HOW TO BURN A DREAMCAST ISO. and none tells anything about nulldc...

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Best to use is GDI, a 1:1 dump from the Dreamcast GDROM disc. More complicated to archieve, but best of all.

CDI are usually rips made to fit the GDROM into a CDROM. Which then, means it's prone to have issues due to the "ripping" part.

ISO, NRG and even MDS/MDF, I wouldn't recommend. Just avoid to use such format for your image.
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