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Hey Guys,

I wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate the PCSX2 Emulator. To tell the truth, I am rather disappointed at the delay of the next release, but I wanted to say this too. "Take your time guys" and here's why.
I never really appreciated the PCSX2 Emulator till today. I first started using the emulator when my PS2 console was stolen. That's like 2 years ago now. Then about 3 months ago, i stopped using the emulator. Reason is, i bought a new PS2. Since the console is faster than the emulator for numerous reasons, i thought " what the heck, the emulator sucks! ". And then I stopped emulating using PCSX2.

About two weeks ago, i got some new games. I tested them out on my console. I thought it was mind blowing. That was until I tried them out on the PCSX2. Now why did I try them out on PCSX2? I just did out of curiosity. The PS2 had a complete compaitability and was at optimum speeds. But it was not even near as good as PCSX2. And that is because, when emulating, it has better graphics, texture, text and 3D models. Sure its not as fast as the console but this was much much better.:emb:

The emulator showed a significance of excellence. Just then, I emulated a game. At first it was like so slooow. Then the frames with graphics started appearing. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was so much better than my PS2 with TV. The textures, text movies had a vibrance which had feeling within them. I thought I was hallucinating, then I thought I'd try it with the PS2 with TV. Nope, it didn't have any of the better qualities. It wasn't because of the TV. I know it wasn't because of the TV because it was a new model of the Sony Television Sets. I felt it had something to do with TV scalelines. I tried the game on my PS2 on my computer TV/Tuner Card. Same results. I know it wasn't the Tuner/Computers problem because they were all upgraded to recent models. Then I retried it on the emulator. It was the mindblowing effects of excellence. And I don't hate to admit this, I love this emulator:emb:

I want to say to the Team that you guys have done extremely well.:thumb: You guys have made the work of the Game Producers and it's crew and their work beautiful. You have made them shine. I honour you. You have done well. I appreciate you guys and I understand you finally. I know now why you guys are so late at the release of a next version. Therefore I say, take all the time you guys need and release a version that you yourselves are proud of. And by giving that to us, we are made proud of you. Congratulations on your work, and wishing you all the very best in the future of your project and lives.

To the members festing christmas - Merry Christmas.

Thanking You

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