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I already posted some pics showing latest developements on AdriPSX. It seems that our webmaster didn't have time yet in order to upload them.

I may say that speed and compatibility have enhanced a lot.

All Resident Evil games (I,II,III), Final Fantasy IX (NTSC), Parasite Eve 2, Grand Turismo and others are working very well.
Also AdriPSX GUI has been completely redone, and a new "configuration" method has been created (almost automatic).

Anyway, screenshots will be posted soon, during the meanwhile the emu is undergoing some heavy betatesting at home.
(still have some bugs ;) )

See ya.


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Thanks Roor! It looks like we are about to witness a very good release of adripsx very soon.I have been waiting for this release from a long time now.
And PE-2 works? Thats great news.I will give my favourite Resident Evil games another try on Adripsx for sure.
Can you give any approximate date for this release?

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Re: One shot here.

Originally posted by Roor
Here to serve...

It is not the best one, but it looks nice, and it is from a game that wasn't working on the last released AdriPSX.

Cool :cool:, good work Roor! :)
Parasite Eve 2 next ;)
Anyway, Time Crisis Project Titan, the AdriPSX (the last released) is the only compatible emulator with this game :cool:, in the ePSXe the game works, but for some unknown reason, the speed of the game is from 2 to a 1 fps :confused:, with the same plugins (with the same configuration), but in the AdriPSX, the speed is perfect :), and the game also :) :D
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