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its about tales of destiny 2 i finished the disc 1 and the bugs i encountered are not much and can be fixed on some high end pc

*when you arrive at the desert were you will get the efreet craymel the screen has large dark lines the game will become unplayble coz you can see a thing and also very very slow on my machine 14-20 fps(because of the heat effects the screen must be waving but because of the bug it only shows large black lines)
+Solution turn on the full vram primitives(but because of my slow machine the fps will be 6-10 fps) or use petes software gpu w/c is no bugs

these bug also appeare in breath of fire 4 at the begining were you will see a merchant in a big hole and youll see a invisble creature that is starting to appeare(only diff color will apeare not a transparent one

*battle sequence there is a line in upper and lower part of the screen

*"world map" like battle sequence there is also a a line in upper and lower part of the screen

Just to inform this bug to our great GPU author "pete"

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