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apparently not, according to pete...

Bad news...


... for some of you, not me

I've got me a new system (it was kinda time to put my old p3-550/Geforce1
system to sleep... I have to be prepared for Aquanox ).

My new system (AthlonC 1200, 133 FSB, 512 MB DDR ram, SCSI DVD and
CD rom dive, ATA100 IBM 60 GB harddrive, SB live, GeForce3) is sooooo fast
with psx emulation, I don't have any chance to make speed optimizations

FVP and even the easteregg blurring... everything is running full speed all
the time... soft gpu is freaking fast... pfff... and to play in OGL with
300 fps, wow
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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