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to Lewpy

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hi Lewpy!
i don't know if anyone asked this from you before, but: did you thought about making a linux port of your glide plugin? i (and i'm sure a lot of people) really need it, since my machine is a 'little' old, and linux emulators like pcsx, sope and fpse run at approx. 2.6 fps. -_- it kind of runs 2.6 fps in windows with epsxe with software rendering too, so it's not (just) the emulator's 'fault'. ^_^ i'd appreciate any feedback from you. AtDhVaAnNkCaE
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Glide is for Windows!

I don't think there're Glide drivers for Linux...
um, hey, no offense. but next time, think before writing. -_-" (or do some research -.-)
WTF! I've just been offended.
I'm only trying to help...
whoa, sorry then. but maybe next time you should ask if you're not certain about something. oh well, never mind. ^_^
besides, this post was addressed to Lewpy (wonder if he ever reads this discussion). i thought of sending him a private message, but i don't think i'm the only one who needs a glide gpu plugin for linux. hmm, hope ya see this Lewpy.
btw, i'm a really big fan of your plugin (who would've guessed? ^_^), the other plugins are way too slow on my 'pu.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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