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To Kazuya:

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Originally posted by Kazuya

some of you make some good and valid points as far as graphics go ...... but i disagree with the most of'em. God if I only had the psx version of ff8 so I can SHOW you people the differences!

Now...MetalMurphy is it? I'm sorry but you are on some sort of a drug unknown to me.

"...the sounds and music were improved when compiled to the PC version. I read it some were on the Squaresoft website... and u can actually notice the diference!!

Sorry to say but the PC version is better than the PSX, even if emulated on ePSXe."

Do you even KNOW HOW the sound/music was handled on the PC? They're midi's! That's right plain old midi's. Now ..... how in the world can you say that the PC version sounds better than the PSX version? Huh? Answer me this and I shall give you a twinkie.
I haven't notice this post until about 5 minutes ago...

WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH U MAN!!! Just because some one is wrong you have to start insulting him!!

I said on the post that i might be wrong and that i wasn't sure about what i said but it seems that I was write afterall...

I'm usually a peacefull person but I get really ****ED UP when people treat me like u did!!

I did NEVER OFFENDED ANYONE on those post!! Why the **** did u had to start insulting me!!!

I don't won't to start troubles in this forum but i will if i need to!

I just hope this was all a mistunderstanding!
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