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Well not that this applies to everyone, but i just spent about an hour and thirty minutes finding out the answer to a problem i was haveing with sound. i am running the 1190 beta, gsdx, and peops plugins.

i was playing the ffx pal version of the game, and during a gameplay to cutscene crossover i got this major flicker and then my sound dissapeared. i have noticed the fmv sequence flicker for a long time, and after exhausting efforts on google and this forum i never found a "good" answer.

well i discovered 2 things. if your at an fmv sequence quickly hit esc, then select RUN~EXECUTE. for whatever reason this stops the flicker and you can enjoy your much deserved fmv sequence w/o your eyes haveing a seizure.

also i discovered that when the flickers happen that it is never ok to start playing hulk smash with your keyboard. because i some how in the middle of being escaped from the output screen, changed my sound plugin.

little did i know that doing this majorly f's up you save state, and all you will hear is battle sounds and battle dialog. the only solution to this is revert to an actually SAVE save. or just play with no sound until your next save, and then load and all will be well.

i like to consider myself a somewhat smart/trust me with your offspring noob, so i am assuming that there are more of me out there that might find this info usefull, and can save you time in the future.

the same time that i was not able to save myself.


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Haha, an Final Fantasy fanatic will do anything to solve their beloved game!!! hahaha.

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Don't post if you're not going to be of any help Tuanming.

Some bugs were introduced recently, which may cause this, (if cotton hasn't fixed them yet)
Though the use of speedhacks cause these issues as well.
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