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Hello everyone - I'm having some difficulties with the Dolphin Emulator when running F zero GX.

The error message reads


Read from invalid memory region (0x23801ce0)

This is either the game crashing randomly, or a TLB write. Several games uses the TLB to map memory. This function is not supported in Dolphin. Unfortunately there is no way to recover from this error, so Dolphin will now exit abruptly. Sorry!

My laptop sepcifications are as follows -

Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz
HD 2600 256MB card
75GB hard drive
Windows XP service pack 3

I am able to run titles such as Crysis smoothly so why the Gamecube range do not play puzzles me.

Please help/ offer suggestions on how to amend this....:thumb:

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Known error, use the search button next time. Just wait for a future revision where it gets fixed.

Running Crysis is not an open license for running Gamecube games. Native PC gaming is NOT equal to emulation.
I was merely using this as an example - Surely it should be accountable for something - I mean an intel graphics media accelerator would no way in hell run this....

Right click > Properties > Enable TLB hack
If you are refering the the ISO icon that appears before the emulation initiates then I am in the unfortunate position of not possessing the tickbox to do so.

There must be some way to run these games - I've seen many titles been played - I have also tried the "Edit Config" option and typed the "TLB hack=1" but to no avail.

Any further insight on this....thanks:thumb:
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