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Title: Final Fantasy X-2 - ooh

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(Posted on behalf of CKEmu)

Knew that title would catch your attention.


Using the following patch:

gametitle=Final Fantasy X-2 [SLES 51815][PAL-UK]
comment=Allows Progress to Menus
//skip INIT Sound

I was able to progress into the intro animation and general menus of Final Fantasy X-2 [SLES 51815] [PAL-UK].

To get the New Game Plus you can see, I used the Game Save Downloader from PlayStation 2 Official Magazine-UK: Demo Disc 49 [SCED 52164] and then saved the FFX-2 Save to my mcd file. Note that this disc can't be run normally, you must manually run the MEMCARD.ELF from the disc, whilst keeping CDVD peops as your CDVD plugin.

This said, enjoy the shots:

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what is the INIT sound patch for the NTSC version?
thanx a million chief :X. could you post the FF X patch asd well if u could? the USA version one. thanx in advance.
for the US patch, why are there 2 lines that are nulled?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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