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since i am using a lowspec laptop for playing epsxe games, i've tried every possible configurations and gpu plugins to make my gaming experience a better one...and here it comes, though its just an accident of finding this out...i may say it helped me a lot...

heres my specs...

Celeron M410 @ 1.46ghz
512mb ddr2
ATI RADEON Xpress 200m series @ 256mb approx memory

here's the plugin and config

Pete's d3d driver v.1.77

as you can see...i've set my "desktop resolution" to the highest value which is 2048x1536 where in fact, the highest resolution for my laptop is just that your done configuring your gpu plugin...try loading a game (i've chosen marvel vs. capcom)..upon loading, you will notice that the display may be to big and cant fit your screen... what you have to do next is press "f7" function key..

here's the produced outcome

same goes when i've used pete's openGL v.2.9..

because of my lazyness..what i did here is just click the fast button which brings out the fastest settings...change the the desktop resolution to the highest value, load the game and press f7..and produced this outcome...

both configurations with the 2 plugins runs @ 59.x - 49.x fps which i can say...very very nice, plus very nice display as well....

well, there are few things i found not good with this trick as you can notice, im using full screen mode, yet it's not literally produces a full screen display (with those black shades or whatever you call it at the buttom and top of the screen) there was like about .2-.3cm missing screen at the right side...but hell do i care about those...for me this display is still great...

NOTE: This tip surely improves fps rate,..but in some games such as chrono cross, the background becomes smoother while the characters becomes pixelated (i dunno why) so i suggest, if you find this tip helpful to your game, then use it..and if not, just stick to your prefered configuration

hope this post will help...

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For me though this is a useful function since having to keep entering config to switch plugins when i play diffrent 3D/2D games is anoying :lol:, though its like Kross said it just switches to Peops Soft plugin it isnt a performance tip :p

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Well, for a significant boost I use that kind of settings:

Use an OGL or D3D plugin and set:
- Full Screen resolution: 640x480 (not sure this makes a difference but it's the right one for scanlines anyway).
- Color depht: 16 bit (might greatly improve performance, but maybe not on newer gfx cards).
- Internal X/Y resolution: 'low - native' (well THAT will give a boost!).
- Texture quality: a lower setting like 'R5 blah blah' (if using a very weak gfx card, but meh).
- ...more

Best explained in the pictures found in this thread:
This method is much faster than 'Peops Soft' and very good for scanlines.
Everything runs smoothly and beautifully on my lower spec laptop (1GHz Pentium M, Geforce 4 32Mb :p).

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Ungh, all you're doing when you hit F7 is making ePSXe switch to the software plug-in, so it will use whatever settings that plug-in has set, so in reality, you're not even using the settings you posted once you hit F7. It'd be the same as just using the software plug-in from the start. This really isn't any tip or trick or anything. The only reason you get a boost is because your PC is too slow to use the hardware plug-in at those settings, but it can handle the software one, so once you hit F7 and switch to the software plug-in, it's able to go full speed. It has nothing to do with any resolution tricks.
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