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for starters people tiny xp is a legit OS optimized by the user using nlite

while benchmarking tiny xp is much faster than windows 7 at the moment because tiny xp uses lesser resources aka programs than windows 7 not doubting windows capablities and all. Overall windows 7 is a speedy os with terrific graphical look as well as dx 11. however in tiny xp i used the latest rev of pcsx2 and was able to emulate tekken 5 perfectly at 2048X2048 res using latestb gsdx at a whoping 3.0 ghz clockrate. tiny xp delivers a tremendous speed boost to lowend and an uber boost for highend pc's.

with tiny xp i was able to run one of the most demanding games in pcsx2 fullspeed at a stable clock of 3.0ghz. no joking matter people this is a fact.

windows 7 62~54 fps
tiny xp 70~63 fps
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