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thunk connecting failed (32>16) ??

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I get this when I configure plugins. Im not sure what it affects since It pops up for all plugin types, How might I get rid of this error?
I copied thunk 16\32 files from win 98. If someone can tell me where they go I'd appreciate it very much.

(running epsxe 1.2 on windows me, 256 ram)
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Try to delete/uninstall the ePSXe and then extract again. It works for me
You must have installed the TSG CD-ROM driver, then, delete this entire driver set.
I'm sorry, if you purposely put in the
cd rom plugin, then, move the two files beginning with "sub" out from the plugin directory, and into the main directory. That is the only way that you can use the plugin. Hope I helped!:D
thanks vividude...

reinstalling epsxe is definitely the last thing you would do without figuring out what happened first...
Yea i got that problem every time haha
i thought it wuz supposed to be there but now i know better :p
in case people are having trouble finding their "sub" files" in their plugin directory, they should know that these two are ".dll" files, and that they can only be seen if you have enabled "show all files" in your folder options (go to your standard window, go to view and you'll see it, next click on the second tag on the top). This is for the less computer familiar people out there.:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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