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I wonder if there is someone who is able to play the game Threads of Fate from Squaresoft. I tried using VGS, but it hangs when I play the male character at the time I get out of the house at the prolog (I forgot the name) but it runs smoothly if I play the female character. When I try to play it with ePSXe, it abnormally terminates!:eyes:

If anyone can help me I really appreciate it.

My specs are :
Duron 750
GA 71XE4
Riva TNT 2 M64 16 Mb
Creative Vibra 128
Acer 40x
OS Win98

The settings for ePSXe are :
Pete's OpenGL plugin 1.51, Nice settings
Internal SPU and W9x CDR
Bios SCPH1001

The other settings are ePSXe default
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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